Inland Flood & Cyber Protection

The insurance industry is very good at developing new products to meet the demands of the consumer. Recent developments include Equipment Breakdown, Service Line Protection, Inland Flood, and Cyber Protection. This month I will provide details on the Inland Flood and Cyber Protection. 

Inland Flood– This seems timely given the fact that Winterset received 4 to 5 inches or rain the day before writing this article.  This coverage is specifically designed for policyholders in low-to-moderate flood zones.  Previously, coverage with the National Flood Insurance program (NFIP) was extremely costly for these areas due to high limits, surcharges, and exclusions of common exposures.

What is Inland Flood?

  • When inland waters, such as streams or rivers, overflow and partially or completely cover normally dry land.
  • Unusual, rapid rain accumulation, runoff, or snowmelt that doesn’t drain away or soak into the ground.
  • When water carries mud and becomes a mudflow.

What is covered?

  • Buildings
  • Contents, including those in a basement
  • Debris removal
  • Property relocation to a safe area

Home Cyber Protection- This coverage provides insurance for the computers, tablets, smartphones and other connected technology that are a critical part of homeowners’ lives.  However, these systems may allow cyber attackers to infiltrate the home, steal information, extort money, and commit fraud.  Home Cyber Protection is a suite of coverages and services built to respond to computer and home system attacks, cyber extortion, fraud, and breaches of personal information.

Cyber Attack-

Data Recovery Costs- Cost of a professional firm hired to replace electronic data that has been lost or corrupted.

System Restoration Costs- Cost of a professional firm to restore the computing or connected home device to its level of functionality before the cyber attack.

Cyber Extortion-

Professional assistance from a subject matter expert for advice and consultation on how to best respond to a threat.

Cyber Extortion Response Costs- Payment as directed to the extortion threat, when payment is approved in advance and incurred as the direct result of a cyber extortion event.


The direct financial loss to an insured as the result of a fraud event including but not limited to identity theft, unauthorized use of a card, card number, or account number in an insured’s name, or forgery of a check.

Data Breach

Forensic IT Review- Cost for a professional information technologist to review the nature and extent of the breach event, the number and identities of the affected individuals.

Legal Review- Cost for a professional legal counsel to review and develop a response for the personal data compromise.

Notification to Affected Individuals- Necessary and reasonable costs to provide notification of the personal data compromise to affected individuals.

Services to Affected Individuals- Cost to provide informational materials and telephone helpline to affected individuals. Credit Report and Monitoring and Identity Restoration Case Management services provided for breaches involving personally identifying information.

For more information on these specific coverages or a general review of you homeowner’s policy feel free to call our office to speak to one of our agents.